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May 2016
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Welcome to our Club!

Quinte Sunrise

Chartered May 13, 1987

We meet Thursdays at 7:00 AM
Greek Hall
70 Harder Drive
Belleville, ON  K8N 4Z9
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On Feb 6, QSR hosted our 11th annual Curl for Camp Trillium bonspeil at the Belleville Curling Club.

Eight teams participated through the morning and helped raise over $4,000 towards a new truck for the camp.

Our event took an international turn with the welcome addition of International Exchange Student Caroline from Denmark; she is being hosted by the Picton Rotary Club and we welcome her to the Quinte area.
To see pictures of our event, click here.

A big thank you for all of our curlers and teams - see you next year!

Home Page Stories
With repayments received from our current borrowers, QSR was able to redistribute our loan funds to two worthy borrowers:
Since we started our partnership with Kiva in 2014, QSR has re-loaned our funds to 31 borrowers in 15 countries; with redistribution, our initial loan of $600 has grown to $1300!  We have covered a wide range of sectors, including Agriculture, Education, Health, Housing, and Retail.  Incidentally, these sectors fall nicely into Rotary's main areas of focus.
We encourage everyone to learn more about Kiva (, and microfinance in general.  The smallest amounts literally change lives.


We have had a few little Rotarians join us over the past few weeks, and it has added a new energy to our group...long may it continue!

We welcome for the first time Kate with mum and club member Brigitte, and a return welcome to wee Eli, but mum and club member Shamsa.

QSR is so fortunate to have a wonderful mix of young and mature club members - it adds a fantastic dynamic to our little group. Our doors are open to all ages...and their littlest Rotarians!


May 7:  The Rotary Club of Quinte Sunrise partnered with several other clubs in the area to host the second annual Inter-Rotary Spelling Bee at the Greek Banquet Hall in Belleville.
It was a fantastic event with a wonderful turnout from our students, their parents, the the general public.  Read the media release here.
Many thanks to our sponsors, supporters, and the students involved!

This morning, club member Jill Yarnell spoke to us about her opportunity to visit the site of a Rotary-sponsored project with Stove Team International (
While volunteering to assist in the training of teachers in Honduras, Jill was able ride the challenging roads of this Central American country to visit the factory in Copan, where STI was assembling safe and environmentally-friendly stoves to be given to the needy rural residents of that country.  The founder of Stove Team found that many people and children were being burnt and suffering from smoke inhalation before they were provided with this safe and smokeless alternative. This project also creates badly needed jobs, thereby stimulating the local economy.  These stoves are designed to meet the needs of their users and are proving so popular that commercial ovens are also being made available to those wishing to sell their food products to others.  Videos of Jill's visit will be made available on our web site.
Thanks Jill - it's always great to see the great things Rotary does in person!

This morning, we had the opportunity to listen to Mary Golbourne, founding Executive Director and now a volunteer for Almost Home, a home away from home for families attending to children being treated in Kingston hospitals.
Since 1992, this 11 room house in downtown Kingston has given families a place to go while their child is undergoing treatment.  For $10 per night (free for those who can't afford it), beds, a television, a kitchen, and an open area are provided to traveling parents (about a half of which are from the Quinte area).  Three full-time staff and 90 volunteers run Almost Home, which runs all year without the benefit of government funding.
Almost Home was a recipient of a grant from Quinte Sunrise; with the funds, they were able to purchase new sheets and towels (the fluffiest they could find!).  QSR is pleased to help out the families of children in Kingston hospitals.
For more information, please visit

With a temporary change in venue (thanks to Pathways to Independence and Club Admin Director Emily) we heard a passionate talk from Eric Hargreaves, Programme Coordinator from SAY (Supporting Alternative Youth) Out Loud (
SAY Out Loud is an organization that offers a safe place for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered, and questioning youth to connect, seek support, develop new friendships, express themselves, and learn about the LGBTQ community.  The organization hosts weekly support meetings (Tuesdays at 5:30 pm) to help young people, as well as their family members, through a challenging time in their lives.  Respect is essential to this group, and all are welcome.  Most participants range in age from 15 to 20, and Eric is seeing younger teens beginning to seek help and guidance.
There is clearly a need for SAY Out Loud in our community, and anyone who wishes to learn more are encouraged to contact Eric at 613.386.1922.

QSR continues to support borrowers around the world using the Microfinance model and Kiva.  April is the Month of Microfinance ( and we're proud to continue to help those who want to help themselves.
QSR recently reloaned funds to three borrowers:  Ernest in Kenya (, as well as Nina ( and Vachagan (, both from Armenia.  We are thrilled to be a part of their future success!
To find out more about how much Kiva (and lenders around the world) help borrowers, meet Gina from the Phillipines.  Gina is a sugarcane farmer and a multiple Kiva-borrower, and here she explains how Kiva has changed her life, as well as the lives of her family:
Should you have any questions about Kiva or Rotary, please contact

By Dr. Bob Scott, RC Cobourg
Read more about Canada's contributions to eradicating polio here:
We are <this close>!
To learn more about Rotary, and our efforts to rid the world of polio, contact

This morning we heard from new Rotarian Brigitte Frances. Brigitte is Foundation Development Coordinator for The National Air Force Museum of Canada.  As the only employee of the foundation, she takes on all tasks from fundraising to book keeping.  Brigitte also runs her own graphic design company BFCreate.
Although she did not originally train as a graphic artist she fell in love with the principals of design and took classes to improve her knowledge.  BFCreate has taken off, and now she is looking to hire a full time web designer. Brigitte also runs an Art school for children, they have more than 100 kids for the 1 week class during the March break. This art program is more than crafts, the children learn about fine art, art history, acrylic painting, and so much more.
Brigitte lives in Belleville with her, husband, two children and her Oma. The relationship between her children and her Oma has been the inspiration for her future non-profit that brings children and seniors together for art and literature.  Brigitte joined Rotary to meet like minded people.  Welcome to Rotary Brigitte!

This morning, our incoming DG, Jim Louttit, visited our club to talk about microfinance in Honduras, and specifically the Honduras Economic Community Development (HECD) project (
Having worked extensively with ScotiaBank in Latin America, Jim became involved with microfinance after seeing the incredible - and positive - effect it was having in the local area.  As the third poorest country in the western hemisphere (after Haiti and Nicaragua), over 60% of the Honduran population live below the poverty line (less than $1.20/day), with 16% of them living in extreme poverty (less than .50 cents/day).  
Through microfinance, people who wouldn't normally qualify for 'typical' financing are able to borrow small amounts of money to start their business, make improvements, purchase inputs and/or livestock, etc.  The terms and interest mirror those of a traditional bank, but with the added benefit of becoming financially literate.  Approximately 99% of the loans are repaid in full, and Jim noted that 75% of microfinance borrowers are women.
Jim retired from banking and started JVL Global Corp for microfinance consulting, and has been involved with the HECD project for several years.  Knowing that this initiative falls under the Rotary banner in all areas, and specifically community development, he encourages Rotary clubs throughout the district (and country) to consider microfinance as a project in whatever capacity.
QSR has been a long-time - and extremely proud - supporter of micro-finance through Kiva - it's a wonderfully easy way to give a hand up to those who need it most.
Many thanks to Jim for taking the time to come out and chat to us.

This morning, QSR had the pleasure of welcoming back Gem Munro, founder of the Amarok Society (  Gem provided the club with an update of the work Amarok continues to do in the slums of Dakka, Bangladesh, and informed the club of their expansion into other countries.
With the recent uprising of religious extremism around the world, the work that Gem and his family do is becoming more and more dangerous; they are in constant contact with local authorities to ensure their work of educating mums continues.
Gem talked about one of their student mums, Shulee.  Married at 14 and desperately wanting a different future for her own daughter, she convinced her very reluctant husband to allow her to attend the school set up in her slum.  In a very short time, she has blossomed from a timid and illiterate mum to a dynamic and enthusiastic educator working with the Society.  The best part?  Her husband is incredibly proud of his wife and the education both she and their daughter have received.
The Munro family strongly believe that the only way to combat terrorism is with education, not bombs.  Gem gave a very sobering and eye-opening presentation and we are thankful of the work he and his family continue to do.

Several members descended on Quinte Bowl for an evening of relaxed fellowship.  It was a fantastic evening with a great mix of family and friends.
Since many of us were not experts, it's safe to say many of us were walking funny the next day!
To see pics, click here.


03/05:  QSR heard from Zachary Prong, a photojournalism student at Loyalist College, who recently returned from Afghanistan where he worked along side former Loyalist student Farzana Wahidi.

In addition to discussing his experiences overseas, Zac reiterated how incredibly dangerous it is for photo and print journalists in Afghanistan, especially for those who are female.  He presented a video called Towards Change, highlighting Farzana and her continuing work.

QSR is extremely proud to have been a small part in her success...long may it continue.

To view the video, click here.


The 2016 edition of the Diners & Duffers books are now available!

This fabulous little book is bursting with deals and discounts at a wide variety of restaurants, golf courses, wineries, and more.
At only $35, you get over $3500 in savings.  Contact to get yours now!

Feb. 25 This morning, we had the opportunity to listen to Alexandra Kubrak, President of the Rotaract Club of Loyalist- Belleville. Alexandra believes that this group of Rotaractors will become more involved in the Belleville and Quinte community and take on more of an advocate role. She also spoke of Rotaractor Zach Prong's photographic project in Afghanistan and the club's intentions to redevelop Belleville's Riverside Park, implement a biodiversity program in the community gardens and create a hub for young people in downtown Belleville. She also wishes to work with other organizations in the area to address Belleville's needs. We wish the Loyalist Rotaract Club good fortune in the future.

Feb 18. This morning, we had the opportunity to hear how Mara Whitford, our Bayside scholarship recipient of 2015-2016, has made out after her first semester at Queens University. Mara has started a general science program and plans to specialize in the future. After experiencing the normal nerves of life away from home, Mara joined her Gael group during Frosh Week. In fact, she is hoping to be a Gael leader next year. While working hard on her courses, she also enjoyed special lectures on black holes and AIDS. Next year, Mara plans to join a group raising money for schools in Africa and will be part of a task force examining poverty and homelessness in Kingston. Mara finished by thanking our club for its much appreciated support.  

Feb 11 This morning, we had the opportunity to hear from Laraine Warren and Janet Marissen about raising service dogs. They were accompanied by Ivan, a standard poodle, and Nigel, a black Labrador retriever. If they are successful as puppies, they will leave their temporary masters and be trained for particular services in Oakville. These include programmes for vision, hearing, autism mobility and diabetic alert. In Oakville, they are trained for their future purposes and learn how to do amazing things for their future masters. Although it takes about $30,000 to train these animals, they are then offered to those in need free of charge. Thanks goes to people such as Laraine and Janet for raising puppies that will probably not stay with them.

Introducing QSR's newest borrowers via Kiva!  With repaid loans, we are able to happily re-lend our funds to some incredible people.
The Grupo Solidario Yoxaja Group (Guatemala) will use their loan funds to purchase agricultural supplies to increase her coffee bean crop production.  With increased production comes increased profits and income, which will help all families of the group.  Learn more here:
Isabella (Kenya) will use her loan funds to purchase seeds for her farm.  She and her husband currently have a dairy on their small plot, and grow maize as well.  Read more about Isabella here:
Finally, meet Andres from Nicaragua.  He will be using his loan proceeds to help make his home more stable and safer for him and his two-year-old son.  Learn more about Andres here:
QSR is extremely proud to be working with Kiva to help improve the lives of millions around the world.

On February 9, QSR celebrated the first anniversary of our partnership with Kiva microfinance.
In the past 12 months, we have revolved our initial deposit of $600 into $1,075 for 23 loans, in 12 countries.  The majority of our lending is to those in the agriculture sector (everyone needs to eat!) but we have supported borrowers in the housing, education, and health sectors.
We are extremely proud to work with Kiva and thrilled to know we're changing micro-finance loan at a time.
Questions about Kiva or Rotary?  Contact

Our regular monthly business meeting had a bit of a twist this morning with the presentation of two Paul Harris Fellowships to our Past Presidents Nancy and Marc.
Thank you for your service to our club and to Rotary at large!


QSR continues our enthusiastic support of borrowers through Kiva; with repaid funds from other loans, we have re-lent to Gerardo in Ecuador and Leonardo in Columbia.

Both men are in Agriculture and both loans will be used to increase inputs to their operations, thereby increasing their profits. This, in turn, helps them provide for their families and their communities.

Questions about Kiva or Rotary in general? Contact us at


Gerardo                                    Leonardo


Jan. 14: VP Alison introduced the club to My Rotary.
We need to use my Rotary in order to achieve our presidential citation.  Each member can go into My Rotary and log their involvement in activities and volunteering.  Everyone is encouraged to get on it and explore.  You can also check out our club goals for the year.  In order for all the hard work our club does to be counted it needs to be logged in, so please check it out.

Happy New Year!
QSR is starting 2016 off right by re-lending funds from our Kiva account to Benard from Kenya.  A potato farmer who helps his community by hiring local labour, he's a three-time great-great-grandfather!
Read more about Benard here:
Curious about Kiva or Rotary in general?  Let us know!


Dec 17:  Seasonal merriment was on the agenda this morning as our meeting was filled with an update from Deanna Crellin, one of our scholarship recipients, a few songs (led by our guitar-wielding President-Elect Stewart), and our annual 'Better Yours than Mine' gift exchange.
QSR wishes you all a safe an happy holiday season.  See you in 2016 (January 7 to be exact!)

Congratulations to Amy Meeking and Heather Inwood-Montrose, recipients of the Quinte Sunrise Loyalist scholarships.
Both Heather and Amy are SSW students.

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