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Welcome to our Club!

Quinte Sunrise

Chartered May 13, 1987

We meet Thursdays at 7:00 AM
Greek Hall
70 Harder Drive
Belleville, ON  K8N 4Z9
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Join the Rotary Club of Quinte Sunrise for our annual fellowship dinner, dance, and silent auction on November 4 at the Greek Hall in Belleville.

Cocktails at 6:00 pm with supper served at 7:00. At 8:30, Big Black Smoke featuring Ed's Garage will take to the stage to dance us until midnight.
  • Couples Tickets: $70/couple (or twosome)
  • Single Ticket: $40
  • Don't fancy supper? Join us for the dance at 8:30 for only $15
Tickets Available on EventBrite here:

All funds raised will be re-directed for numerous local and international projects.

Questions? Contact Alison at

Thanks for your support!
Quinte Sunrise was thrilled to host our annual tournament at Roundel Golf Course at 8Wing Trenton on August 25.
While preliminary numbers are still being calculated, it was a great (read: HOT) day on the course.
A big thank you to our tournament organizers Mike and John, our sponsors, and our teams.
To see more photos from the day, please check out our FB page:
See you next year!
Home Page Stories
This week, QSR was pleased to hear from Col. Colin Kiever, Base Commander at 8Wing Trenton, who talked to us about the economic benefits of the recent Quinte International Air Show.
Held this past June, the airshow was dedicated to the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan, the allied plan to train thousands of Commonwealth airmen for operations in the Second World War.  He was proud to host the 400 Club, where veterans were able to reconnect with each other and current members.  While it makes a major impact upon base operations, the decision was made to plan a large scale show, and they ended up welcoming  ~80,000 visitors during the two days.  Run as a business, admission was charged to ensure financial success; these funds were immediately re-directed into programs for soldiers, veterans, and their families.  75% of visitors stayed overnight, using local hotels and eating at local restaurants.  It is estimated that the airshow brought in approximately $6.6M to the Quinte region, with an additional $300K in contracts made with local companies for various provisions, such as buses and port-a-potties.
Col. Kiever ended his talk by promising future airshows, the next in 2018.  Thank you, Col. Keiver for this informative update.

QSR is thrilled to introduce our two newest members:  Tanya Hill and Kevin Bazkur, who were inducted on October 6 by President Stewart and Club Director Tanya.
Tanya is a health promoter working for the Hasting County Health Unit and Kevin is a master gardener and event organizer.  Both are keen to roll up their sleeves and 'get to work' in our #SmallButMighty club, and QSR will undoubtedly be richer for their input.
Welcome Tanya and Kevin!

This morning, Marsha Roadhouse and Heather Barker of Community Learning Alternatives ( described what they do and who they help.  Built to help people enhance their skills in all areas, CLA recognizes that in today's world and with the rapidly evolving workplace, many feel 'left behind' and know they need to increase their skills (in many cases) to simply keep their job.
Marsha and Heather reminded us that literacy is not only the the inability to read and write, but in today's world also includes math deficiencies, digital illiteracy, and the inability to solve problems in a digital workplace.  We learned that 46% of people don't have the skills to participate in the workplace and 48% are lacking necessary mathematical skills.  CLA offers those who are interested individualized training programs to help those wishing to improve themselves in these areas.  In addition, it's been proven that skilled and confident people are also more likely to stay out of the criminal justice system.
Their organization has offices in Belleville, Trenton, and roving offices in the other areas of Hastings County.  We are thankful that CLA is in our community to help improve the confidence of those within it.

Join the Rotary Club of Quinte Sunrise for our annual fellowship dinner, dance, and silent auction on November 4 at the Greek Hall in Belleville.

Cocktails at 6:00 pm with supper served at 7:00. At 8:30, Big Black Smoke featuring Ed's Garage will take to the stage to dance us until midnight.
  • Couples Tickets: $70/couple (or twosome)
  • Single Ticket: $40
  • Don't fancy supper? Join us for the dance at 8:30 for only $15
Tickets Available on EventBrite here:

All funds raised will be re-directed for numerous local and international projects.

Questions? Contact Alison at

Thanks for your support!

This morning, QSR heard from Helen Dowdall of Quinte Hospice (, who talked about the free services offered by this organization to those nearing death and their loved ones.
Quinte Hospice offers a unique form of palliative care, striving to improve the quality of life of those nearing their end.  A support service is provided where a patient and their family is matched with a volunteer, and caregivers are offered a support program where they can freely express their feelings and concerns.  After death, survivors can join groups to address their grief, and a special Rainbow Program addresses the special needs of child survivors aged four to twelve.
While Quinte Hospice does receive some government funding, it actively fundraises to accomplish its objectives through various events, including their April Gala, their Friend and Food Night, their curling bonspiel, and the purchase of memorial trees.  It is also always looking for capable volunteers to serve 422 clients in the Quinte region.  Thanks goes out to all those involved with the Hospice; we all know that their work will never end.

On the weekend of September 10, a massive storm hit Prince Edward County leaving a lot of damage in its' wake; unfortunately, Camp Trillium wasn't spared.  With campers still arriving, a massive clean-up and repair was needed to get the camp back up and running.  Damaged roofs, broken windows, fallen trees, and many branches littered the area, so they put out an APB to various service clubs in the area who would be able to help clean up.
As such, several QSR members went out to the camp on September 15 to assist.  With most of the debris gone and the buildings (almost) repaired, it was a matter of clearing branches (and driving Gators!).  It felt great to help out one of our partner organizations...with the added bonus of fellowship in the glorious sunshine!
To see a few photos from the morning, check out our album on Facebook.  Thanks to the club members (Alison, Catherine, Janet, Paul, and Stewart) who participated!

This morning, District Governor Jim Louttit visited QSR to tell us of his goals as DG for 7070.  Jim started his Rotary career as a founding member of the Rotary Club of Lima Sunrise in 2005, and currently a member of Toronto Sunrise.  He is also the president of JVL Global Corp, a financial services consulting company specializing in Microfinance.
Jim has many wonderful and ambitious goals for the district and our club, including an increase to membership and participation in district activities.  He discussed some changes to RI's 'rules' in an effort to attract and retain new and existing members.
As always, it's great to meet with Jim and hear the update from the district.

Quinte Sunrise was thrilled to host our annual tournament at Roundel Golf Course at 8Wing Trenton on August 25.
While preliminary numbers are still being calculated, it was a great (read: HOT) day on the course.
A big thank you to our tournament organizers Mike and John, our sponsors, and our teams.
To see more photos from the day, please check out our FB page:
See you next year!

QSR continues to help those who need it most through Kiva and microfinance.
With funds that have been repayed, we have re-lent them to three borrowers:
Eni (Indonesia) who will use her loan funds to build a toilet in her home, helping improve sanitation for her, her family, and those in her village; 
Rosalia (Kenya) is using her loan funds to purchase seeds and fertilizers for her farm; and 
Juan (Guatemala) will use his loan funds to make improvements to his home.
Microfinance really does make a difference for the lives of thousands of borrowers who would not normally have the opportunity to make their lives a little bit better.  For more information on Kiva or Rotary, please contact

Each year, QSR moves our meetings to Quinte Conservation at Potter's Creek to meet with Maya Navrot and hear her update from the past 12 months.  It's one of our favourite meetings.
Maya once again talked about the week-long summer camps for kids, and how much they have grown year after year.  Extremely popular, these camps get kids outside into nature and away from the tv.  Kids learn a lot out about our local environment, including how to care for it.  This year, 126 kids were registered to participate in four camps at Potter's Creek, with one in Picton.  Using games to teach team-building skills, these kids come away with a great appreciation of what's around them.
After the meeting, several club members took Maya up on her offer to take us on a nature walk of our own, and we had no shortage of questions for her.  In a short amount of time, we learned about native caterpillars (leave them alone) and various forms of parsnips.
QSR is a proud supporter of Quinte Conservation and we're thrilled that our funding helps support the organization, and send kids to these camps.
Thanks Maya...see you next year!

This morning, QSR heard from Stirling resident Andrew MacDonald about Opportunity International (, a micro-finance initiative supported by District 7070.
Andrew started his presentation with some astounding facts:  one in three people on the planet live in poverty, and 70% of them are women.  Most have no access to banking, thus they are unable to start their own businesses.  In response, organizations such as Opportunity International have formed to provide small loans to those in the third world; these loans cover a wide range of needs, from feeding and clothing families to educating children, to starting businesses.  In addition, these borrowers learn about financial planning, business plans, and insurance needs, resulting in a vastly improved economic and social status, higher confidence, hope, and empowerment to these new business owners.
Supported by the Gates Foundation, Opportunity International now has over four million clients, and clubs within D7070 are helping the Honduras Economic and Community Development Program to implement this initiative.  $750,000 has been raised to far to assist 1,000 people in Honduras alone.
QSR has been a long-time supporter of micro-finance through Kiva, and now through Andrew's organization.  It's a very small act that has a massive impact on the lives of borrowers.
Thanks Andrew!
Photo is of Maria from Nicaragua, a borrower with
Opportunity International

On a recent trip back home to BC, President-Elect Alison took the opportunity to visit her former club, Abbotsford-Sumas, and present President Tom with a banner from QSR.

Like QSR, Abbotsford-Sumas is a breakfast club, and they are small but mighty, just like us.  According to Alison:
"it was a treat to see everyone again, and to see the numerous similarities between our two clubs.  Abbotsford-Sumas has a smaller membership, but their impact in their local community is incredible.  I'm very proud to have been a part of Abbotsford-Sumas, just as I am proud to be with Quinte Sunrise".
One of the great benefits of being a Rotarian is the ability to attend meetings all around the world, sharing ideas and building friendships along the way.
Thanks to Abbotsford-Sumas for providing such a warm welcome (and crispy bacon) to an old friend!

A few members of our club took Monday evening off and headed down to the Inter-Club BBQ hosted by the Rotary Club of Brighton.
In addition to fantastic food and a lot of corn, there was a karaoke contest as well; our group performed the always-classic 'Happy Birthday' but sadly lost to the RC of Port Hope.
It was a wonderful evening and we were thrilled to be a part of it.  Many thanks to RC Brighton for hosting this great event!
(photo courtesy of RC Brighton)

Our own club member Paul provided us with his annual update of the work done by his organization, the Arthur Fredericks Community Builders.
He started by providing a brief history of the AFCB, telling us that it was formed as a volunteer organization in 1993, to build solid, earthquake-proof homes for the poor indigenous Mayans of Chapas, Mexico.  Each year, Paul spends ~six months in Mexico, and this past year was very successful, having completed a home for single mum Brasillia, and five rooms at the local school.  In addition, food was provided for working street children in San Cristobel de las Casas, an oral hygiene programme was established and a lab technician was hired.  
Paul has ambitious plans for next year, including hiring a health care worker, building a rain collection system at the health clinic, construction of five homes, establishing dental services, continuing the food program set up earlier this year, and finally, starting a grenadine farm in Laguna Grande.  Big plans, but Paul and his team are sure to get the work done!
QSR is thrilled to call Paul one of our own, and we're incredibly proud of him and AFCB for all of the work they are doing in Mexico.  For more information about AFCB, please check out their website

In addition to our guest speaker, we took a few minutes to complete our pin transition for the year, with President-Elect Alison happy to pin Rob with his Vice President's pin.
As well, and in keeping with club tradition, President Stewart presented last years' banner to Past President Geoff, to thank him for his service to our club.
Congratulations to both Rob and Geoff!

This morning, QSR heard from Tanya Hill of HPE Public Health about Communities Matter for Health, a partnership of local area organizations which have been meeting to discuss and implement strategies to address public health in the Quinte area.
This group believes that it is not good enough to respond to illness when it occurs but to examine its underlying causes, such as inactive lifestyles and unhealthy eating habits.  The people of Hastings County face many issues, including an aging population, sedentary behavior, and a rural setting compounded by the second highest level of poverty in Ontario.  It's pushing to implement a number of actions, such as the development of parks and trails for walking and bicycling, and community gardens in areas available to all.
The group is approaching other community organizations and municipalities to sign a healthy community declaration, and QSR is proud to have already done so.

This morning, fellow Rotarian Hugh Williams (RC Etobicoke) visited QSR to talk about Cameron Helps (, an organization founded to address the mental health issues of young people.
Cameron Helps was created in memory of Cameron Harris, who at 19, took his own life.  Hugh discussed the 'science' behind mental health, identifying it as one of the four key areas of overall health:  mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical.  70% of people with mental health issues develop them in their teens, and one quarter of all teen deaths are a result of suicide.  Huge firmly believes that group physical activity can have a positive influence on overall mental health.
As a result, Team Unbreakable has been created in Toronto-area schools; these are running groups and anyone can join.  With the support of the Toronto and District School Board, 12-week running programs have been introduced to various schools in the district, leading to improvements with self-esteem and higher social interaction.  Hugh hopes that other Rotary clubs and schools throughout Ontario implement this amazing program.
Thank you Hugh for an incredibly informative presentation!

July 7:  This morning we heard from new Club President Stewart Hood, as he presented his Vocational Talk to group.
Born in East London, Stewart arrived in Canada at age seven with his parents and quickly fell in love with music and advertising.  He graduated from the Ontario College of Art and soon joined the ad firm of Vickers and Benson, where he was involved in producing commercials for the Wayne & Shuster show, Ford Motor Company, and McDonalds restaurants.
After marrying Lynn in 1998, they left Toronto and moved to Trenton, where Stewart began teaching at Loyalist, Ryerson, and Humber Colleges.  He designed the brand and logos currently seen all through Quinte West, and has created media campaigns for Loyalist, Meta Employment Services, and Huff Estates Winery.  
He continues to play music, and currently performs with the Class Act jazz trio, and the Trenton Citizens Band.  He is an accomplished artist, and somewhere in everything that he works on, still finds time to create a beautiful watercolour painting.
In his second term as Club President, he briefly discussed his plans for the upcoming Rotary year, including the improved marketing of our club, events, and what we do in general.  He hopes to see more club members at District Assembly, District Conference, and the Rotary International Conference next June.
Congratulations Stewart - we're looking forward to a fun and eventful year with you at the helm!


With our initial investment of $600US in February, 2015, QSR has helped 32 borrowers in 15 countries achieve their dreams and financial independence.  Yuliza from Ecuador is no different.

At age 22 and with a five-year-old daughter, Yuliza is working to create a better future for herself and her family by using her loan proceeds to buy inputs and livestock for her farm.

By partnering with @Kiva, we are humbled to be able to help, in a small way, to make things a little bit better for people around the world.

Questions about Kiva, or Rotary in general?  Contact



QSR is pleased to once again open up our annual Grant Application and Allocation Process to the public.  If your organization has a project, or simply needs a little bit of funding, please review the application and submit.
The form can be found on our website here and all applications must be submitted by 11:59 pm, Thursday, September 1.  Applications can be submitted either electronically to or via Canada Post to the following address:
Rotary Club of Quinte Sunrise
Grant Applications
PO Box 23008
Belleville, ON   K8P 5J3
QSR works hard through the year to raise funds so we can re-allocate it all to local projects, initiatives, and organizations.  
Should you have any questions, please contact Rotarian Catherine O’Rourke at
Many thanks!

This morning, we *finally* got to learn a little bit more about one of our newest members, Shamsa Hassan-Brooks, as she delivered her Vocational Talk.
Shamsa briefly talked about her arrival to Canada from war-torn Somalia as a child in 1991 before discussing Kobciye (, an organization founded by her late father to help young Somali refugees in Kenya.  Based in Kenya, Kobciye aims to help Somali youth - primarily young men - avoid violent extremism.   Armed with a university degree and as a recent graduate of Loyalist's International Development program, Shamsa and her brother returned to Kenya to work with Somalis mired in the worlds' largest slum, Kiberia.  
With little prospects, and no legal standing in the country, the youth within Kiberia is ripe for radicalization; Kobciye offers these kids training in business, drama, and community policing.  Each year, an anti-terrorist conference is held to bring together moderate religious leaders and those trained to help.  They've have reached a level of success that's made the Canadian government take notice:  they have approached Shamsa and Kobciye to offer a similar program to young Somalis in Canada's urban centres.  It's hoped that they will be able assist refugees ease into Canadian society and avoid the pitfalls of being radicalized.  
They have given themselves an incredible task, and we know Shamsa and her brother are ready for it.  QSR is extremely proud to have Shamsa as one of our very own - her experiences will make us all richer.
Good luck Shamsa!

On June 28, several club members assembled at Capers in Belleville to toast outgoing President Geoff and to thank him for an incredibly successful Rotary Year.
Hosted by incoming President Stewart, our club enjoyed a delicious meal, wonderful fellowship, and a couple of short speeches, and we were able to thank Geoff for his hard work this past year.  Our club may be small, but we are mighty, and hearing our accomplishments from the year was outstanding - we have every reason to be proud.
Welcome to the helm President've got some big shoes to fill!
To see photos of our evening, please check out the album on our Facebook page.

Last week, QSR friend Jeff Brace, from the Brighton Club, gave us an update on the Canadian Cancer Society’s Relay for Life, which was held in Belleville on June 24. 
After a 35-year career as a pilot in the Royal Canadian Air Force, Jeff won his own personal battle with the dreaded ‘C’ 14 years ago.  After that, he became an active participant and fundraiser for the Canadian Cancer Society. 
He revealed that 78,000 Canadians died of cancer-related causes last year, and that 2/5 Canadians will get cancer; this number will increase to 3/5 in the next 20 years, as our population not only ages, but lives longer.  Jeff updated the club on the laws passed in the Ontario legislature over the years, and while much has been done, the work continues to keep tobacco companies, and their marketing, at bay.
Jeff concluded his presentation by accepting a cheque from QSR to support the 2016 Relay for Life.
It was great to see you again Jeff – thanks for your update!


On June 22, President Geoff and Membership Director Gord attended the District 7070 annual awards banquet, held in Oshawa.

It was here that our club received multiple awards and recognition, including one for District Leadership (Gord) and a Foundation Citation for reaching 180% of our target of funds raised to eradicate polio.

Quinte Sunrise also received a Presidential Citation from Rotary International President KR (Ravi) Ravindran. With 53 clubs in District 7070, we were only one of six to achieve this incredible accomplishment. Better yet, we received the Gold standard for exceeding the targets set out by Rotary International.

At our club meeting the next morning, President Geoff presented our Citation to Vice President Alison Ebbs, to thank her for her work behind the scenes and online to ensure we met the goals.

We are small but mighty, and all members should be proud of their contributions and our achievements in this Rotary year. We are extremely proud and thankful for the recognition.



<Drum Roll please>

Coming soon to Beer Stores in Belleville and Trenton: Roaring Rotarian Ale!

QSR, in conjunction with The Publican House Brewery, is proud to present our newest (and thirst-quenching) fundraiser. Looking for a new brew? Be sure to check it out! 


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