Back in December, QSR used donated items to create several hygiene bags for use in our local communities.

Within 20 minutes, 24 bags containing various toiletries for both girls and boys were donated to the The Hastings and Prince Edward Learning Foundation, and within only a couple of days, several of the bags were given to Trenton High School for emergency student needs.

QSR received the following (very touching) note from a teacher at Trenton High shortly after the bags were distributed:

Good Morning Brigitte,

As you are aware, many of the families in Trenton are in need of assistance in some form or another. Families too often go without and are having to make the decisions between food or clothes or hygiene items or so many other needs.

On behalf of Trenton High School and our students, I would like to thank you and your fellow members for your time and generosity. I have had the pleasure of handing out some of the bags you so carefully created. It truly is touching.

I wish you could see the students’ faces. Many of them have so little. One of the students was so excited because there were mouth care items. She didn’t have toothpaste at home. Some have never had some of the more luxurious items, like body wash. Others are so touched that someone they don’t even know cares about them. They can’t understand why someone that they haven’t met would want to help them. Already more than half of the bags have been distributed and I am so looking forward to giving the rest.

Thank you. My thank you is echoed by so many little voices here at Trenton High School who otherwise would have gone without. I wish you could hear them.

Your example of holiday spirit and community involvement is touching and so very generous. Not to mention a lesson to us all.

Kind regards, 
Trenton High School

QSR is thrilled to be able to quickly assist those who need it the most, yet saddened that the need exists in the first place.

If you have any questions about our hygiene bag initiative, or about our club in general, please send us a note at